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Many thanks for the excellent photo of James Dodds (second from the right in the back row below) and the class of pupils at Tower Hill School 1937. Regrettably although my aunt has now viewed the photo with ease she says she is still unable to confirm whether she is in the photo! There is a small girl two rows directly in front of James with very dark hair. This could be her - perhaps it would be helpful if I provide some additional family backdrop.

The aunt in question is called Audrey Phillips born 1922. She is the youngest child of her family. The eldest was Reg, born 1921 (now deceased), next, my mother, Doris 1922 (still living in Farnborough) and lastly, Kathleen 1924. The family lived on the Rafborough estate, firstly I believe in Weir Avenue, then Keith Lucas Road and lastly Goodden Crescent - all a stone's throw away from James Dodds' home.

The only additional name that my aunt provided to me (she lives in Canada) was that of Sam Woodason also a student at Tower Hill School. I do not know whether James (my aunt says she recalls him being called Jamie at school) and my aunt are of the same age and therefore likely to be part of the same class, maybe his memory may fill a few gaps.

Moving on I also lived as a child on the Rafborough estate and attended Tower Hill School, as did my sister. I started the school in 1949 when Miss Burslem was the headteacher. The only recollection I have of my time at the school was that Fridays were 'toy day' and I can recall wheeling my dolls' pram and placing it outside the classroom. Also, in the spring our class would be walked to Cove Pond (situated on Cove Green virtually opposite what was the Yeomans' shop) where we would examine the pond life and gather frogspawn in jars!

My other memory of Farnborough was the Old Parish Church (St. Peters) where our family worshipped on a regular basis and where I was married. Canon Hutchison was the incumbent. I also attended the Sunday school and the youth group attached to the church called 'The Pathfinders'. Once a week on Friday evenings the teenagers met to play table tennis, listen to pop music etc.

Tower Hill School, 1937
Tower Hill School, 1937

Information courtesy of Pam Stevens, image courtesy of James Dodds.

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